Monthly Report: March

To : Lifepedia Headquarters

Subject: Monthly Report  – March

Good Evening, General!

I’ve sent this letter to inform you about the daily life I’ve been through in March. But, before that, I apologize for the late report, I forgot to report the daily life in January and February. But, I promise to write down all the thing that I’ve passed, not only in march but also in January and February. Read it carefully, Mr. General! 🙂

Well, I know that March haven’t finished yet, but I’m afraid if I forgot or the worst, I don’t have time to write my report, so, I prefer to write this letter now. Hmm, my daily life on January and February (also march) is quite busy and hectic. I almost didn’t have time to watch movie, hangout with my friends, doing-poker-thingy, and other ‘wasting-time-activities’. This semester, is full of task, study, presentation, and also, organization. Almost all of my time has been killed by those crazy things. Such a pity, eh? :p

And, nowadays, I feel like my mood and emotion is not as easy as before to manage. It made me so temperamental and emotional, and I really don’t know why and I really don’t wanna be a kind of annoyed person to the others. But, how? 😦

It’s a super-tough life I think. I feel sooo tired. Could I just retire, Mr. General? If I couldn’t, could I have ‘a-day-free-of-anything’? I want to skip a day in my life, just for doing anything I want. I just kinda need it.

But, beside all of that, I also wanna thanked you, Mr. General, for all that you’ve sent to me, to help me passed through the days. For something that you’ve given to me, for someone who you’ve sent to me, for some-time which you’ve shared to me. It’s really, I couldn’t be so grateful more than this.

Thank You, General!

I’ll see you in next monthly report! 🙂




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