A Random Letter

To: Lifepedia Headquarters

Subject: Just wanna share something

Hello, General! How’s there in the headquarters?

Ah, if only I could visit the headquarters right now, I will skip a whole day of mine to see you. I just wanna tell everything I’ve been through until today, this afternoon. Can I ask you to listen to me just for a couple minutes? Me, kinda need a shoulder, a place to go, a subject I can keen on. Can I ask you to be the one that I need just for a while?

I really, have a-super-bad-capabilities to arrange my schedule, my time management. I have a lot of things to do, even people say that I can handle all kind of situation, but I’m not really enjoyed this activity. I’m kinda sick of this life. Occasionally, I just want to turn back time, when I do everything in my own, hanging out, enjoying my life with my best one, doing some random thingy which is really-really-really random. But, it just used to. Now, even everyone is around me, I have to struggle alone. And, now, I also haven’t enough space and time for ‘it’, and I’m really sorry.

Am I going to reach the end? Somehow, I just want to raise the white flag, and go into my parallel universe, having a life there, somewhere promised a delightful life. Ah, but, my mission in this universe haven’t finished yet, right?



……… But, I’m really tired.




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