Monthly Report: April-May

To : Lifepedia Headquarters

Subject: Monthly Report (April-May)

Hello from universe, General!

I’m sorry for the late monthly report (or should I called it two-monthly report?), I really had a super-hectic-month! Hmm, actually, I don’t know what should I report you, so let me just write you my ‘colourful’ life.

Let’s begin from… my college life. Nowadays, its hard to disguise what I feel, its really hard to have a life behind the mask I’ve been wore. But, when suddenly I change my habit and unconsciously being a bad-tempered, some people can’t accept me, some people thought that I’ve changed, I’ve transformed into somebody else, I’m not a friend that they used to know. Then I thought and realized, is that my fault? Is that my bad?

In the middle of those stupid and non-sense condition, I had a very-great-trip to a place, where I’ve never been there before, awesome and great city with a very-sunny-weather, a tasty and delicious culinary, and a super-crazy-beautiful scenery, especially the beaches! I really had so much fun and regained much power until I don’t wanna go back to my real life. But, yap, there’re a lot of mission which unfinished yet. So, after a week, I came back to my real life, ready to faced up all my life there, and tried to fix my own daily life.

Went back to my daily life means have to struggle with those problem, not only the problem which have been there, but also, a new problem, a new challenge. Ah, really, sometimes I don’t think I regained enough power to handle all of this matter :Ι But I’m sure, you’ll help me from anywhere, and I promised I’ll won’t give up at all!

I thanked for all the gift that you’ve given to me, General. A wonderful trip, an unforgettable moment, a though, brave, and all the ‘charms’ that you’ve endowed to me, and also a person who really meant a lot for me, no matter how annoys I am. Well, I’ll see you again in next monthly report, General! 🙂


With a lot of joy,


p.s: Could I ask you one plea, General? It’s all about the brand-new-instrument which you’ve given to your best agent. I think it doesn’t works as it best yet. Could I ask you to endow him a stronger one? I guess he kinda need it. Thank you, General! 😀  


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