It’s all about Faith and The ‘Happy-Ending-Expectations’


source: google

And I keep waiting for the day when this story is going to meet the end. Did I ever mention I hate the whole-happy-endings-on-drama thingy bcause its seems soo impossible? I really don’t mean to be pessimistic or sceptical, I just trying to be realistic. But yeah, as I told you, The universe will always and always made you learn to appreciate the efforts which they’ve already done.

Perhaps, its not about ‘what’ are the universe trying to tell us the suitable situation for us, but, its all about ‘how’ they guide us to something which we already have the faith on it, deep down.
And it will never goes wrong, what will happen in the future, its what you’ve been thinking, expecting, and believing it’ll happen.

So does this story. I have a faith on how this story is going to reach the end. Either it will be a happy-ending-story or sad-ending-story for me, I believe that, for you, its gonna be a happy-ending-story.

“Because maybe it’s dumb to look for signs from the universe, maybe the universe has better things to do – and dear God, I hope it does. Do you know how many signs I’ve gotten, how I should and shouldn’t be with someone? Where has it gotten me? Maybe there aren’t any signs. Maybe a locket’s just a locket; a chair’s just a chair. Maybe we don’t have to give meaning to every little thing. Maybe we don’t need the universe to tell us what we really want. Maybe we already know that. Deep down.” – Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother 8.23)


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