A Head Full of Dreams Tour (2017): Bangkok

Hello again, reality!

I’ve just came back from my very first holiday after I entered the work-life, and it such a great vacation. Wanna guess where I’ve visited? Yes, Thailand! Bangkok, spesifically. I really want to visit Bangkok from several years ago, but it always be canceled for one and another reason. And tadaa…. Finally, I made it! My family and I took a short vacation after the ‘two-years-hiatus’ for one strong reason, yes, it because of COLPLAY! *hands all over*

Hmm, do you want me to share the places I’ve visited or the experience of me, attended the Coldplay’s Concert first? Maybe I’ll share about the places later ya, because I cannot wait to tell the most amazing performance I’ve ever watched. It’s really worth to chase Coldplay til ‘three-and-half-hours’ of flight! I’m so happy I could be a part for the awesomeness.


ticket to happiness

The concert was held on Friday, April 7th at Rajamangala National Stadium Bangkok, yes, a little bit far from the city center also away from BTS or MRT station. So, I reached the stadium by Bus with a help of Google Maps (Thank God, nowadays the tech are so helpful. Cannot imagine I could survive there bcs mostly they can’t speak English), and I arrived safely at 2.30 pm. Actually the gates are open at 5.00 pm, and I didn’t have to line up bcs I got the seated position which already has its number. But, I have to line up to buy some official merchandise of Coldplay! Luckily, I’ve got the t-shirt, hoodie, and tote bag! Yeay!

It’s almost 5 o’clock, time to get in! The entrance gates literally full of people, there’re a bunch of securities who did some bag checked to make sure if we didn’t brought any dangerous goods.


People lined up to get into the stadium


from helicopter’s view


Let’s have some fun, people!

Long story shorted, the appearance of Coldplay was scheduled at 9 pm, but an hour before that, there’s an opening singer called Jess Kent from Australia (if I’m not mistaken). I didn’t take any photograph of her to save the batteries for the main show, hahaha. The stadium were so full of people, especially the standing class. But they’re all look so happy and excited!


the standing pen


the seated zone

Finally it’s 9 o’clock, and here they are! OMG, I still couldn’t help my self to cry because I never imagine to be here, sing along with Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, and Will Champion. Such a grateful! :’)

The show opened when Chris Martin ran from the backstage and sang the album titled ‘A Head Full of Dream’, everybody yelled, everybody sang, everybody’s happy! After that, they sang ‘Yellow’, ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’, and my favorite one, ‘The Scientist’! They brought at least 23 songs, not only the new songs which taken from ‘A Head Full of Dreams (2016)’ album, but also the oldies like ‘Don’t Panic’ from the album ‘Parachutes (2000)’, or  ‘In my Place’ from the album ‘A Rush Blood to the Head (2002)’, also the most popular song, ’Fix You’ from the album ‘X & Y (2005)’.

And everyone got to be so surprised when the intro of ‘Something Just Like This’ played, which we knew that the single just released a month ago! Coldplay really knew how to entertain their fans! Wanna join the awesomeness? Go check some shoots of mine (sorry if you couldn’t see anything, bcs it so faraway, hahaha).

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Love is in the air

The show ended at approximately 11 pm with ‘Up & Up’ as the last song. The closing part was also entertaining, a lights, fireworks, really made the sky so bright. I promise to myself I’ll see them again next time, maybe on another country. Well, thank you Coldplay for the great show. Thank you for ‘everglow’-ing my holiday! 🙂

“but the changing of winds, and the way waters flow, life as short as the falling of snow, and now I’m gonna miss you I know”  (everglow, coldplay)