[Monthly Love Letter] March: Another 3 for The 4th Times!

Welcome back!

I guess this is my first monthly-letter which I wrote since you’re a thousand miles away from me. Oh God, I still can’t believe we have to deal with this kind of relationship, the one that I hate the most, yes, The Long Distance Relationship.

Honestly, I’m scared. I can’t imagine how hard it would be, not be able to see you for a long time, not be able to see our favorite movie together, not be able to go to the arcade; to play the claw-machine, not be able to run to you if I had a bad day; to cry in your hug. I hate to face the truth that you won’t be next to me; to hold my hand, everytime I walked down the street.

But please don’t try to feel sorry for it! I know we’re gonna make it, distance means nothing when someone means everything, rite? ๐Ÿ™‚ I know, even when you’re faraway from me, you will always make me feel that you never leave me.

Anyway, I want to say thank you for all the things that we’ve passed, I can’t believe that we already reached a quarter-of year. Even a million thanks won’t be enough for all your love, care, and kindness. Oh ya, also thank you for always put so much effort on me and made me feel loved. You really matter to me and I love you.

So, good luck, ’till we meet again, ya! I know you might be so busy with your work, but just promise me that you’ll always make time for me, at least to say goodnight before I fall asleep.

Whenever I feel,
I’m all by myself,
And every word is a cry for help,
I just think of you and then,
I’m safe again.
I feel you close though you’re somewhere else.
(Collabro – Lighthouse)

ps: thanks for giving me the new definition of home, where the heart is.


[Monthly Love Letter] February : The Almost 100 Days We’ve Spent……

Actually I should’ve post these monthly letter on Saturday, February 3rd. So sorry for those who wait, bcs I had a very good time ’til I forget to write down my letter on that day. Anyway, congratulation to us for passing the 3 months! (yeaay). So, have you already tired or getting bored of my presence? Because I’m not and I won’t.

I have to say…. I love every second that I spent with you, especially when we have a little chitchat abt us, abt the day that we passed together, also, the daydreaming about how our future will be. I love to spend many times with you, even we don’t have anything to say, anything to tell. Being with you is just being the top of my favorite way to make myself happy!

In the other hand, there’s a little thing that actually really scares me…. Knowing that you gonna be so far away from me, somehow it hurts. Until now, I always try my best to deal and prepare myself in case tommorrow you’ll be gone. But don’t worry, everywhere you go, everywhere I go, we’ll make it through. Bcs I’ve heard someone’s saying that absence make heart grow fonder, and I believe that.

Thank you for always being there to support and cheer me up whenever I need it, thanks for always try to write a smile on my face, thanks for not letting me down and sad. You’re the best and I love you! ๐Ÿ™‚

” To be young and in love in New York City,
To not know who I am but still know that I’m good long as you’re here with me,
To be drunk and in love in New York City,
Midnight into morning coffee,
Burning through the hours talking……”

(Lauv – I like me better)

I know it’s not NYC and I’m not allowed to get drunk, but, I’m sure you got my point. See you on next monthly letter!

[Monthly Love Letter] January: The 61 Days Later….

Welcome back to the monthly letter, the summarize of my life on a month. Well, still talking abt the love-life bcs I still can’t imagine that we’ve passed another 31 days.

This month, I learn a lot. Mostly abt how to handle myself, how to think and react abt something that I didn’t get used to it. Including, to know you more, abt your characters, your personalities, your activities.

I’ve been busy lately, you…. also have been busy lately. But it doesn’t really matter bcs we know that we have each other hands and arms to hold on. Yes, I might not the one who understand you the most, but I’ll try my best to learn it. So, if someday you find something that annoys you or make you angry, just tell.

Anyway, for the record, I loved everytime you said you loved me, not only by words; but also, from the way you makes me laugh, makes a funny jokes, tells all the bedtime story, also, from the way you take care of me. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

You’re a carousel, you’re a wishing well, and you light me up, when you ring my bell.ย You’re a mystery, you’re from outer space, you’re every minute of my every day.

(Michael Bublรฉ – Everything)

[Monthly Love Letter] December: The First 30 Days

“Satu rasa itu ada pada waktunya, satu cinta itu terungkap pada akhirnya. Satu hal yang jauh kau cari, tanpa kau sadari berdiri sekian lama, bukan dibelakangmu, bukan didepanmu, namun tepat disampingmu.”

He may not be as sweet as another in words, he may not be as cute and romantic as another one. He may seems jokeful and never take things seriously, he may looks he didn’t love his girl tenderly.

But hey; every person has their own way to express their careness to their love ones. And he, do all the things that make his girl feel grateful to have him.

He called up his girl only to make sure she has a good day, he stayed up til midnight, told a lot of stories which could make his girl laugh so hard til she forgot all the things that annoyed her. He, the one who made himself, broke his walls and fences of his principal just to be with her. He, who always think logically, buildin’ plans a way faraway from now, to make the dreams come true.

He’s my silly bestfriend, my partner in crime, my brother that I never have, my story teller, my laugh-machine, my first-row-supporter, my other half. He’s my everything and I thank for all the things that already passed and a couple time ahead which yet to come ๐Ÿ™‚