[Monthly Love Letter] May: A Half Year of Relationship

Long Distance Relationship. Please describe me with one word. Go.

For me, it’s totally miserable. hahaha.

Anyway, I want to share you a story for these monthly love letter. A little longer than usual, so take your time.

Well, I admit that I got those karma(s). First, I used to love the ambience of the airport. I used to see some people waving goodbye, with tears in their eyes, and I thought they just exaggerated. Secondly, I used to think that ppl who did the LDR thingy is weird. Seeing their ‘so-called-significant-other’ once in a month for the least? Once I thought that those kind of relationship won’t work properly.

Then I met him, someone who finally made me hold the tears everytime I drop him off at the airport. Someone who breaks my heart everytime I see him walks away to the flight gate. He’s The person who destroy every single wall that I’ve been built. The man who finally convince me to deal with these stupid long distance relationship. The one who promised me that it gonna work for us.

I could tell you, long distance is sucks. Really. Not only bcs you couldn’t hold his hand or hug him everytime you need him, but the most important thing is how hard you maintain the communication between you and your significant other. You have to deal with all the misunderstanding and all the dramas bcs of it.

To be honest, until now, I still have a lil worries abt the relationship we lived in. How if someday we have a big fight and we can’t make it clear? How if someday I’m too spoiled ’til I can’t understand and accept the solution of some troubles? How if you or even me, meet someone new? How if someday we’re tired of this relationship……..

However, there’s still a happy thing which I feel from this long distance relationship. Yes, counting the days until we finally meet up. And finally, when you see him…. That’s the best part. All of your sadness, stress, worries, and exertion suddenly gone, it will replaced by a big smile. When you see him out from the airport, then you gonna say out loud at your heart, “That’s my man, he’s coming home….”

To the man whose been my someone’s matter for last 6 months, promise me nothing but one…. That you’re gonna stay close, eventhough we’re a thousand miles away. I know it’s gonna be a rough ways for us, but I’m sure that every obstacles, every problem, everything which doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger.

Wherever you are, please be safe. I love you.

I wonder how we can survive, this romance.
But in the end if I’m with you, I’ll take the chance.

(Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting)

ps: thank you for the visit (I thought I forgot to say thanks yesterday). Anyway, I’m soooo happy! Miss you already, and I can’t wait till our next meet up! ♡


[Monthly Love Letter] March: Another 3 for The 4th Times!

Welcome back!

I guess this is my first monthly-letter which I wrote since you’re a thousand miles away from me. Oh God, I still can’t believe we have to deal with this kind of relationship, the one that I hate the most, yes, The Long Distance Relationship.

Honestly, I’m scared. I can’t imagine how hard it would be, not be able to see you for a long time, not be able to see our favorite movie together, not be able to go to the arcade; to play the claw-machine, not be able to run to you if I had a bad day; to cry in your hug. I hate to face the truth that you won’t be next to me; to hold my hand, everytime I walked down the street.

But please don’t try to feel sorry for it! I know we’re gonna make it, distance means nothing when someone means everything, rite? 🙂 I know, even when you’re faraway from me, you will always make me feel that you never leave me.

Anyway, I want to say thank you for all the things that we’ve passed, I can’t believe that we already reached a quarter-of year. Even a million thanks won’t be enough for all your love, care, and kindness. Oh ya, also thank you for always put so much effort on me and made me feel loved. You really matter to me and I love you.

So, good luck, ’till we meet again, ya! I know you might be so busy with your work, but just promise me that you’ll always make time for me, at least to say goodnight before I fall asleep.

Whenever I feel,
I’m all by myself,
And every word is a cry for help,
I just think of you and then,
I’m safe again.
I feel you close though you’re somewhere else.
(Collabro – Lighthouse)

ps: thanks for giving me the new definition of home, where the heart is.

[Monthly Love Letter] December: The First 30 Days

“Satu rasa itu ada pada waktunya, satu cinta itu terungkap pada akhirnya. Satu hal yang jauh kau cari, tanpa kau sadari berdiri sekian lama, bukan dibelakangmu, bukan didepanmu, namun tepat disampingmu.”

He may not be as sweet as another in words, he may not be as cute and romantic as another one. He may seems jokeful and never take things seriously, he may looks he didn’t love his girl tenderly.

But hey; every person has their own way to express their careness to their love ones. And he, do all the things that make his girl feel grateful to have him.

He called up his girl only to make sure she has a good day, he stayed up til midnight, told a lot of stories which could make his girl laugh so hard til she forgot all the things that annoyed her. He, the one who made himself, broke his walls and fences of his principal just to be with her. He, who always think logically, buildin’ plans a way faraway from now, to make the dreams come true.

He’s my silly bestfriend, my partner in crime, my brother that I never have, my story teller, my laugh-machine, my first-row-supporter, my other half. He’s my everything and I thank for all the things that already passed and a couple time ahead which yet to come 🙂

Monthly Report: April-May

To : Lifepedia Headquarters

Subject: Monthly Report (April-May)

Hello from universe, General!

I’m sorry for the late monthly report (or should I called it two-monthly report?), I really had a super-hectic-month! Hmm, actually, I don’t know what should I report you, so let me just write you my ‘colourful’ life.

Let’s begin from… my college life. Nowadays, its hard to disguise what I feel, its really hard to have a life behind the mask I’ve been wore. But, when suddenly I change my habit and unconsciously being a bad-tempered, some people can’t accept me, some people thought that I’ve changed, I’ve transformed into somebody else, I’m not a friend that they used to know. Then I thought and realized, is that my fault? Is that my bad?

In the middle of those stupid and non-sense condition, I had a very-great-trip to a place, where I’ve never been there before, awesome and great city with a very-sunny-weather, a tasty and delicious culinary, and a super-crazy-beautiful scenery, especially the beaches! I really had so much fun and regained much power until I don’t wanna go back to my real life. But, yap, there’re a lot of mission which unfinished yet. So, after a week, I came back to my real life, ready to faced up all my life there, and tried to fix my own daily life.

Went back to my daily life means have to struggle with those problem, not only the problem which have been there, but also, a new problem, a new challenge. Ah, really, sometimes I don’t think I regained enough power to handle all of this matter :Ι But I’m sure, you’ll help me from anywhere, and I promised I’ll won’t give up at all!

I thanked for all the gift that you’ve given to me, General. A wonderful trip, an unforgettable moment, a though, brave, and all the ‘charms’ that you’ve endowed to me, and also a person who really meant a lot for me, no matter how annoys I am. Well, I’ll see you again in next monthly report, General! 🙂


With a lot of joy,


p.s: Could I ask you one plea, General? It’s all about the brand-new-instrument which you’ve given to your best agent. I think it doesn’t works as it best yet. Could I ask you to endow him a stronger one? I guess he kinda need it. Thank you, General! 😀