Monthly Report: April-May

To : Lifepedia Headquarters

Subject: Monthly Report (April-May)

Hello from universe, General!

I’m sorry for the late monthly report (or should I called it two-monthly report?), I really had a super-hectic-month! Hmm, actually, I don’t know what should I report you, so let me just write you my ‘colourful’ life.

Let’s begin from… my college life. Nowadays, its hard to disguise what I feel, its really hard to have a life behind the mask I’ve been wore. But, when suddenly I change my habit and unconsciously being a bad-tempered, some people can’t accept me, some people thought that I’ve changed, I’ve transformed into somebody else, I’m not a friend that they used to know. Then I thought and realized, is that my fault? Is that my bad?

In the middle of those stupid and non-sense condition, I had a very-great-trip to a place, where I’ve never been there before, awesome and great city with a very-sunny-weather, a tasty and delicious culinary, and a super-crazy-beautiful scenery, especially the beaches! I really had so much fun and regained much power until I don’t wanna go back to my real life. But, yap, there’re a lot of mission which unfinished yet. So, after a week, I came back to my real life, ready to faced up all my life there, and tried to fix my own daily life.

Went back to my daily life means have to struggle with those problem, not only the problem which have been there, but also, a new problem, a new challenge. Ah, really, sometimes I don’t think I regained enough power to handle all of this matter :Ι But I’m sure, you’ll help me from anywhere, and I promised I’ll won’t give up at all!

I thanked for all the gift that you’ve given to me, General. A wonderful trip, an unforgettable moment, a though, brave, and all the ‘charms’ that you’ve endowed to me, and also a person who really meant a lot for me, no matter how annoys I am. Well, I’ll see you again in next monthly report, General! 🙂


With a lot of joy,


p.s: Could I ask you one plea, General? It’s all about the brand-new-instrument which you’ve given to your best agent. I think it doesn’t works as it best yet. Could I ask you to endow him a stronger one? I guess he kinda need it. Thank you, General! 😀  


A Random Letter

To: Lifepedia Headquarters

Subject: Just wanna share something

Hello, General! How’s there in the headquarters?

Ah, if only I could visit the headquarters right now, I will skip a whole day of mine to see you. I just wanna tell everything I’ve been through until today, this afternoon. Can I ask you to listen to me just for a couple minutes? Me, kinda need a shoulder, a place to go, a subject I can keen on. Can I ask you to be the one that I need just for a while?

I really, have a-super-bad-capabilities to arrange my schedule, my time management. I have a lot of things to do, even people say that I can handle all kind of situation, but I’m not really enjoyed this activity. I’m kinda sick of this life. Occasionally, I just want to turn back time, when I do everything in my own, hanging out, enjoying my life with my best one, doing some random thingy which is really-really-really random. But, it just used to. Now, even everyone is around me, I have to struggle alone. And, now, I also haven’t enough space and time for ‘it’, and I’m really sorry.

Am I going to reach the end? Somehow, I just want to raise the white flag, and go into my parallel universe, having a life there, somewhere promised a delightful life. Ah, but, my mission in this universe haven’t finished yet, right?



……… But, I’m really tired.



Monthly Report: March

To : Lifepedia Headquarters

Subject: Monthly Report  – March

Good Evening, General!

I’ve sent this letter to inform you about the daily life I’ve been through in March. But, before that, I apologize for the late report, I forgot to report the daily life in January and February. But, I promise to write down all the thing that I’ve passed, not only in march but also in January and February. Read it carefully, Mr. General! 🙂

Well, I know that March haven’t finished yet, but I’m afraid if I forgot or the worst, I don’t have time to write my report, so, I prefer to write this letter now. Hmm, my daily life on January and February (also march) is quite busy and hectic. I almost didn’t have time to watch movie, hangout with my friends, doing-poker-thingy, and other ‘wasting-time-activities’. This semester, is full of task, study, presentation, and also, organization. Almost all of my time has been killed by those crazy things. Such a pity, eh? :p

And, nowadays, I feel like my mood and emotion is not as easy as before to manage. It made me so temperamental and emotional, and I really don’t know why and I really don’t wanna be a kind of annoyed person to the others. But, how? 😦

It’s a super-tough life I think. I feel sooo tired. Could I just retire, Mr. General? If I couldn’t, could I have ‘a-day-free-of-anything’? I want to skip a day in my life, just for doing anything I want. I just kinda need it.

But, beside all of that, I also wanna thanked you, Mr. General, for all that you’ve sent to me, to help me passed through the days. For something that you’ve given to me, for someone who you’ve sent to me, for some-time which you’ve shared to me. It’s really, I couldn’t be so grateful more than this.

Thank You, General!

I’ll see you in next monthly report! 🙂



Congratulation, agent!

To : Lifepedia General Assembly Agency

Subject: Re:Recommendation for award ‘The Best Agent in 2012’

Honorable Secretary General of Lifepedia,

I apologize for the late reply, because I still have a lot of things to do. It such an honor for me when you ask me to recommend the person who is suitable to get the title of ‘The Best Agent in 2012’. To me, personally, I recommend someone who really influenced my life a lot in 2012. This person, is the one who gave me a lot of new things, new experience, and a new life. This person, is the one who asked me to learn, how to enjoy our life, not to worry about our problems, because there are ‘fate, path, and love’ which working together to solve and answer all of those question in our life. This person, is the one who always make me feels like I lived in my own world, he is the one whom I can be weird with. Beside all of that, This person, is the one who recommended me to be an agent in your agency. Yap, the one and only agent number #76259.

Then, I can also recommend the gift for the one who get the title, right? I just want you to give him an awesome year in 2013 including the challenges and surprises which will make his life become better and happier! Am I ask too much? I’m sorry, but I think he really deserve for that. Besides, honestly, he is the best agent you’ve ever had, isn’t he?

Last, I have another request for you due to the rules of the agent. As an agent, I realize that I cannot interact freely over another agent, including him. But, there are a few things that I want him to know, so, if you don’t mind, could you please pass it to him? I just want to say thanks to him for all memories and experience that he shared in 2012, all of laugh, happiness, madness, also the oddity. I’m so grateful and glad to meet him, to know him, to be his ‘partner in crime’.

Well, I guess it’s the end of my letter. Honestly, I wrote this recommendation letter subjectively based on my opinion and I beg your pardon if I asked you too much, but I really hope you will consider all of my statement above and you will give him what I’ve wished before. Happy New Year 2013!

Best regards,


To : Agent #646392

Subject: Re: Re: Recommendation for the award ‘The Best Agent in 2012’

To our newly agent, #646392..

You have done a really great work in 2012. Good job! After we received your recommendation letter, we decided to give the award of ‘The Best Agent in 2012’ goes to agent number #76259. And as you’ve wished before, we are going to give him a-brand-new instrument, called ‘happiness’. This instrument will always accompany him in every single step that he take. Although in some ways he will find much difficulties and challenges in his life, he’ll stay happy and bring those happiness to the other, we promised.

And about your last request, why you don’t say it by yourself? We give you an exception for your new year’s gift. Good luck! Hope you also have an awesome life in 2013!

Warm regards,

Lifepedia General Assembly Agency

ps: I don’t know how to say, So I just posted this entire letter from Lifepedia General Assembly Agency in the end of 2012. Thanks to you, thanks for all the things. Hope your day in 2013 gonna be much better than before with your brand-new-instrument, please welcome ‘happiness’! Happy New Year! 🙂